Fope’s flexible gold chains rethink a classic design

Elasticity meets elegance in Fope’s new jewellery collection, ‘Luna’

Fope’s flexible gold chains
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Fope brings an Italian elegance to intricate artistry in a new jewellery collection, ‘Luna’, which imbues heavy gold chains with effortless flexibility. The 18ct gold mesh chains encircling the wrist and neck are elasticated in a patented system, for a comfortable and flawless fit.

‘There is an incredible craftsmanship component in all Fope jewels, and the human interaction still plays a great role – but so does technology,’ says Fope product development manager Claudia Piaserico. ‘The Vicenza factory has implemented an industrial approach where every step of the process is integrated. Most of the machines here are custom-designed and sometimes custom-made in order to be able to optimise production, all the more when it comes to our patented Flex’it lines.

gold chain by Fope

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‘The Flex’it system is a unique invention of the Fope factory: tiny gold springs are hidden in the intricate mesh chain and make it stretchable, providing a feeling of unprecedented comfort while being precious and elegant.’

The new chunky chains, in white, yellow and rose gold, bring a contemporary edge to a classic design, although the innovative technology didn’t come without its challenges.

‘The first challenge related to design, as the new “Luna” collection features a choker-style necklace, a groundbreaking style choice for a brand like Fope,’ Piaserico adds. ‘The second challenge pertained to the technological aspects of making a Flex’it necklace – as it obviously needed a different approach from our roll-on bracelets. Our R&D team managed to create a virtually invisible clasp that blends in the 18ct gold mesh, while rendering it very easy to wear. You really need to try one on to understand how incredible the result is and how comfortable the jewellery is against the skin. These statement pieces are intrinsically Fope’s and yet they tap into contemporary trends where geometric shapes are the protagonists.’

gold chains by Fope

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