Art hub Casa Neptuna pops from the Uruguay landscape

Fundación Ama Amoedo announces 2023 art residencies hosted at Casa Neptuna, a space designed by Argentine artist Edgardo Giménez in José Ignacio, Uruguay

playful green artist house Casa Neptuna in Uruguay by Edgardo Giménez for Fundación Ama Amoedo
(Image credit: Cristóbal Palma)

Casa Neptuna in Uruguay, conceived by Fundación Ama Amoedo and designed by Argentinian artist and designer Edgardo Giménez, is the base for the series of artist residences in a move that supports the Latin American creative industries. 

Fundación Ama Amoedo is the brainchild of Amalia Amoedo, who formalised her support of the Latin American contemporary art scene in 2021 with the non-profit organisation after over two decades as a philanthropist, collector and arts supporter.  

For Amoedo, creating the house in José Ignacio was a natural step. ‘I have always had a personal connection to Uruguay,’ she says. ‘I have spent all my childhood summer holidays in Punta del Este and José Ignacio. When I began the project of the foundation, it was clear that the main goal would be supporting artists and their works. It was my dream to provide a platform for artists to have time and space for thinking and creating without distractions. There is a special energy in this part of the world, and I feel it is amazing for artists to be surrounded by the ocean and the native forest. It feels like the perfect place to incite creative thinking.’ 

close-up of green artist house Casa Neptuna

(Image credit: Cristóbal Palma)

Artists’ residencies at Casa Neptuna

Fundación Ama Amoedo Residencia Artística (FAARA) has now announced it will host its second edition at Casa Neptuna in Uruguay in 2023, with a selection committee tasked with electing six artist residents. They will arrive in pairs for six-week sessions from March 2023, with more initiatives planned throughout the year. 

Future plans include a grants programme to provide financial support for artists and institutions, a residency and partnerships with local and international institutions. Laura Hakel is also set to join the team as curator of the collection and artistic projects of Fundación Ama Amoedo.

green artist house Casa Neptuna set in the uruguay landscape inland from a beach

(Image credit: Cristóbal Palma)

Giménez brings his distinctive Pop Art style to the house, which marries an unconventional form with bold colours, building on the avant-garde aesthetic he has brought to furniture, fashion and theatre sets throughout his career. ‘I have had the pleasure of knowing Edgardo Giménez for many years, and I have always admired his work,’ Amoedo adds. ‘Bringing an architectural piece by him to José Ignacio was incredible. From the beginning to end, he had total creative freedom. Casa Neptuna was planned and built during the pandemic and Edgardo, home-based in Buenos Aires, followed the construction process in Uruguay by phone calls. Regardless of the distance, he paid attention to every detail.’

For the second edition in 2023, an election committee has been assembled composed of Solana Chehtman, director of Artist Programs, Joan Mitchell Foundation, New York; Miguel A López, independent curator and writer, Lima; and Tobias Ostrander, Estrellita B Brodsky associate curator of Latin American Art, Tate Modern, London. The artists in the second iteration of the residency are Marilyn Boror Bor (Guatemala); Seba Calfuqueo (Chile); Lizania Cruz (Dominican Republic); Paola Monzillo (Uruguay); Rita Ponce de León (Peru); and Florencia Sadir (Argentina).

view from inside Casa Neptuna

(Image credit: Cristóbal Palma)

‘Fundación Ama Amoedo aims to create a space for supporting the art ecosystem, seeking to expand networks and amplify the visibility of the Latin American arts,’ Amoedo tells us. ‘Our first major programme was the first edition of the FAARA Residency, which brings together artists from all Latin America. Now we are announcing our second edition. Also on the agenda for 2023, we will be developing new initiatives such as grants, artistic residencies, and programmes to support artistic and curatorial work.’ (opens in new tab)

green artist house Casa Neptuna set in green landscape

(Image credit: Cristóbal Palma)

close-up of pop art-style green house

(Image credit: Cristóbal Palma)

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